A Riot in the Heart
I go by Connie.

I'm 20 and queer.

I prefer she/her pronouns.

I watch an outrageous amount of television.

Occasionally, I am whelmed.


August 21 2014, 09:15 PM

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Rome’s fingerprints are
running down your back;

I want to build you
an empire that forgets
to collapse.

 - Y.Z, a letter to love (via rustyvoices)

August 21 2014, 06:30 PM



hispanic parents have a sixth sense

#i cant stop watching this vine it’s so well done it deserves an oscar


August 21 2014, 03:45 PM

the hunchback of notre dame + scenery

August 20 2014, 09:15 PM

Snowpiercer (2013)

August 20 2014, 03:45 PM

August 19 2014, 09:15 PM

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August 19 2014, 06:30 PM

spartacus meme: nine characters [2/9]

→ Gannicus

August 19 2014, 03:45 PM

Harry Potter meme: Nine characters 

→ [2/9] Dean Thomas

August 18 2014, 09:15 PM

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character fashion → margaery tyrell

August 18 2014, 06:30 PM

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August 18 2014, 04:42 PM

Hi, I’m Chris Pratt. I’ve been challenged by Bob Iger and Vincent D’Onofrio to do the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge. Gentlemen, I accept your challenge. Uh, now, that’s twice I’ve been challenged, so I’m gonna do it slightly different. Instead of doing one bucket of ice, what I’m going to do… I found this, it’s called Blue Ice Vodka and in lieu of the bucket of ice, I’ll be drinking this. (x)

August 18 2014, 04:01 PM

We the undersigned Palestinian individuals and groups express our solidarity with the family of Michael Brown, a young unarmed black man gunned down by police on August 9th in Ferguson, Missouri. We wish to express our support and solidarity with the people of Ferguson who have taken their struggle to the street, facing a militarized police occupation.

From our families bleeding in streets of Gaza, Hebron, Jenin, Jerusalem; from the Zionist prisons overflowing with our political prisoners; from our endless refugee camps, ghettos and Bantustans; from our indigenous people living as second-class citizens in what became “Israel” in 1948, and our dislocated diaspora: We send you our commitment to stand with you in your hour of pain and time of struggle against the oppression that continues to target our black brothers and sisters in nearly every aspect of their lives.

We understand your moral outrage. We understand your hurt and anger. We understand your impulse to burn the infrastructure of a racist capitalist system that systematically pushes you to the margins of humanity; we support your right to rebel in the face of injustice.

And we stand with you.

The disregard and disrespect for black bodies and black life is endemic to the white supremacist system that rules the land. Your struggles through the ages have been an inspiration to us as we fight daily for the most basic human dignities in our own homeland against the racist Zionist regime that considers us less human. As we navigate our own struggle against colonialism, ethnoreligious supremacy, capitalism and tyranny, we find inspiration and strength from your struggles and your revolutionary leaders, like Malcolm X, Huey Newton, Kwame Ture, Angela Davis, Fred Hampton, Bobby Seale and others.

We honor the life of Michael Brown, cut short less than a week before he was due to begin university. And we honor the far too many black lives who were killed in similar circumstances, motivated by racism and contempt for black life: John Crawford, Eric Garner, Trayvon Martin, Tarika Wilson, Malcolm Ferguson, Renisha McBride, Amadou Diallo, Yvette Smith, Oscar Grant, Sean Bell, Kathryn Johnston, Rekia Boyd and too many others to count.

With a Black Power fist in the air, we salute the people of Ferguson and join in your demands for justice.

 - Rinad Abdulla, professor, Birzeit University
Susan Abulhawa, novelist & activist
Linah Alsaafin
Rana Baker
Budour Hassan

August 18 2014, 03:45 PM

women + smiling :)

August 18 2014, 12:01 AM



"All my ex-girlfriends are Asian."

If you’ve ever come across this charming come-on, you’ve probably been exposed to yellow fever

For her full rant watch the video here.